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I thank you in advance for any referrals you may send my way. This is very important to me and one flattering way I grow my business. It has kept me a full time real estate agent for over 22 years. Use the comment section below to send me as much information as possible regarding the person you are referring to me. Options about your referral to include: Name, address, email, phone number. Are they looking to buy, sell or rent a property or some combination of these? Fill in your details bel



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If you do not want to complete your Referral above (online), simply use this area below for emailing me the attached form I will email you with completing the Referral Form below. Please include as much detail and contact information about the person you are referring to me in the comments section.

Make sure you click on the white little box to the left of the “Referral Registry and Form Report” in order to receive my referral form as an attachement in your email received and also so I can automatically register your referral.

Please save a copy of this form for your records and quickly email that Referral Form back to me as an attachment. I will contact you afterwards and as soon as possible.

Thank you very much and I appreciate your support. 

Steven Burrows


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