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'It's sick': Biden blasts Trump Jr.'s pedophilia 'joke'During a Yahoo News virtual town hall, the former vice president blasted the suggestion by the president's son that children should feel unsafe around him.

5/19/2020 8:32:44 PM

US Navy issues new guidelines after close Iran encountersThe U.S. Navy warned Tuesday it will take “lawful defensive measures” against vessels in the Mideast that come within 100 meters (yards) of its warships, offering specific guidelines after a recent close encounter with Iranian vessels in the Persian Gulf. Defensive measures have typically included turning a ship away from the approaching vessel, sounding its horn, shooting off flares and ultimately firing warning shots to force the vessel away. “Our ships are conducting routine operations in international waters wherever international law allows and do not seek conflict,” said Cmdr. Rebecca Rebarich, a Bahrain-based 5th Fleet spokeswoman.

5/19/2020 3:05:30 PM

A police officer tried to use stun gun on Ahmaud Arbery in 2017A video shows officers questioning Arbery on why he was sitting in his car at a park. "I'm trying to chill on my day off. I'm up early in the morning trying to chill," he said.

5/19/2020 12:29:00 PM

Mark Zuckerberg said he is 'worried' about China setting the agenda for tech regulationMark Zuckerberg said he thinks Western democracies have "the next five or ten years" to set tip the balance in their favor.

5/19/2020 6:21:40 AM

Whitmer says Michigan will 'hold people responsible' for dam failuresMichigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) said Wednesday that the state will "hold people responsible" for two dam failures Tuesday that caused severe flooding and forced 10,000 evacuations in areas along the Tittabawassee River.Whitmer said the dam failures were a known threat (regulators had revoked the Edenville dam's license in 2018 over its ability to handle floods) and Michigan will review "every legal recourse that we have" in its investigation into what caused the catastrophe.The flooding, which Whitmer said has been described by experts as a "500-year event," will likely have lasting consequences for the state, which is already dealing with the stresses of the coronavirus pandemic. The governor promised to take aggressive action and procure aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and other federal outlets, the Detroit Free Press reports.As for the flooding, Midland, Michigan's city manager said the peak is expected by Wednesday evening when water will have flooded an additional three feet. Read more at the Detroit Free Press.More stories from Republicans are up in arms about Flynn's 'unmasking.' He was reportedly never masked in the first place. Virginia Tech therapy dog beloved by students receives honorary doctorate Taxpayers paid for food, a harpist, and goody bags for Pompeo's frequent 500-guest formal dinners

5/20/2020 3:39:00 PM

Saudi Ramadan TV dramas invite scrutiny of Israel tiesTwo Ramadan television dramas on a Saudi-controlled network have stirred controversy as they test public perceptions of quietly warming relations between the Gulf kingdom and Israel. Arab states including Saudi Arabia have no official diplomatic ties with Israel, but both sides are pursuing what one think tank calls a "tepid dance" to furtively build relations on the basis of shared animosity towards Iran. Now, two taboo-busting series during the holy fasting month —- the peak television season —- have fuelled speculation that Riyadh is trying to openly normalise closer ties with the Jewish state.

5/21/2020 2:02:02 AM

If you refuse to take a crowded flight, can you get a refund?Many travelers have found their flights are so crowded that they don't feel comfortable staying onboard. Here's how airlines are handling this situation.

5/20/2020 3:56:00 PM

Group of GOP state AGs calls on judge to dismiss Flynn caseA group of 15 Republican state attorneys general filed an amicus brief Monday supporting the Justice Department’s motion to drop its case against former Trump administration national security adviser Michael Flynn.

5/19/2020 9:49:27 AM

New polls show trouble for Trump and Republicans in GOP strongholdsJust-released polls contain bad news for President Trump and his Senate allies, with Joe Biden expanding the electoral map to states that have long been bastions of the Republican Party.

5/19/2020 2:05:47 PM