Home Energy Efficiency Checklist


  • Service your heat and air conditioning systems
  • Check exterior windows and doors for caulking and weather stripping



  • Check furnace switch, and fuse or breaker
  • Check furnace fan, oiling motor and changing belt if necessary
  • Check thermostat accuracy by taping thermometer to wall next to it. If discrepancies occur, call a serviceman to re-calibrate the unit.
  • Check central air conditioning condenser for leaves and debris obstructing air flow. Hose unit clean if necessary
  • Keep shrubs pruned back to maximize air flow



  • Check and clean or replace furnace filter
  • Clean air cleaner filters
  • Check vents for obstructions



  • Check attic insulation for type/thickness
  • During humid weather check central air conditioner, condensate drain to ensure it is carrying away excessive moisture